The receivable management platform that lets you

Collect your money from customers 

So that you grow faster, increase profits, and sleep better.

Seamless integrations, so you never enter anything twice

TimePay Integration with Quickbooks

Perfect for managing your receivables
across accounting, marketing and sales teams

Automated Reminders

Send automated reminders to your customers by email or sms to get paid on time. No invoice gets missed from now on.

Insightful Reports

With data at your fingertips gain critical insights on your receivables. Schedule reports to be sent to you automatically. Analyze, forecast, measure - all from your mobile or pc

Focused Teamwork

Assign roles, delegate followups, involve multiple departments from marketing to billing, all working together to achieve a single goal - collect your payments on time.

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Plan everything. Miss nothing.

Stay in complete control of your debtors. Know who's behind, and who's in line. Manage your payments, monitor your customer history and have all your communications in one place.

Turbo charge your receivables with TimePay

Everything you need to manage your receivables. In one place.

Simple Pricing. Large Savings.

Get control of your finances - put an end to the delays

TimePay Collect Pricing


per month per user

Savings using TimePay


My annual sale is $1M-5M
My customers usually pay me 90 days after the invoice date.

It works. The proof is in the numbers


Worth invoices in

Annual Flow


Invoices flowing through TimePay


Interest costs saved


13 Days

Reduction in collection


Reduction in collection cycle
Annual Invoices
Invoices through TimePay
Interest Cost saved annually

Our Clientele involves the builders, turnkey contractors and retailers. Construction Industry has been perennially facing  poor cash flow management which leads to delay in releasing funds. To this problem, TimePay software has come to our rescue. Within just 3 months of usage, we have seen significant improvement in our average Receivable Days.  The staff is very supportive and determined to make us use the software to its optimum level.


Saraswati Marketing   Chemical Distribut

High growth companies love TimePay


Can I get a live demo of the TimePay software?

We will be delighted to give you a demo of TimePay. Please share your contact details by email on

Do you provide services for collecting 'bad debts' - i.e. recovery agent services?

We do not offer recovery agent services or call centre services. We are focused on helping you get paid on time - using technology to improve processes. If you need help to connect you to debt recovery agents or to relevant grievance redressal forum, please send us an email at

How does TimePay help me reduce my credit cycle?

At TimePay, we have been successful in reducing the credit cycle by ~13 days for our clients. This improvement has resulted in savings ranging from INR 1 Lac per annum to INR 40 Lacs per annum for our clients. How does this happen - TimePay focuses on those customer accounts that need that extra nudge (most of the customers need it!!!) before they make the payment. TimePay's intelligent algorithms schedule followups in a way to maximize your collections, day after day, month after month. Within 2-3 months of using TimePay, results start to show.

What is TimePay?

TimePay is a receivable management tool that helps businesses manage their dues and get paid on time. So, our TimePay is virtual collections manager who will not only smarty automate your follow-ups, but also analyze and provide you with insightful insights, tract interactons with your customers. So that you grow faster, increase profits, and sleep better.

I can get all the data directly from accounting system, why do I need TimePay?

TimePay is built as a virtual collections manager, that works seamlessly with your accounting system (say Zoho). TimePay works with the same accounting system data, but focuses on proactive receivables management. It ensures that all your customers are appropriately and regularly followed up with, and your cash flows are faster than before. TimePay also provides you various analytical reports, that allow you analyse the performance of your sales team, payment habits of your customers, and various business trends. TimePay provides a vital layer of CRM on accounting - thereby making your business more agile.

What is the interest cost saving that I can expect from using TimePay?

TimePay will help cut down the time taken to collect dues from your customer. This improvement in receivables days, will result in signficant interest cost saving for your business. To calculate the savings for your own business, try our savings calculator here.

What benefits do I get by subscribing to TimePay?

TimePay is on a mission to help businesses get paid in time. When you use TimePay, you are effectively availing the services of a virtual collections manager. TimePay will provide you with actionable insights about your customers, and automate payment followups. It will also ensure that all your teams -i.e. sales, collections and accounts are on the same page. We are confident that with regular use of TimePay you could save about 10 days in your working capital cycle and save on interest costs. Sounds incredible? You may want to look at what our customers have to say about us!

If I subscribe to TimePay, who should use it in my company?

TimePay is focused on helping you get paid in time. We see this as a collaborative mission - in which the company owner, sales team and accounts team work together. And TimePay facilitates this collaboration. Importantly, for your sales team, you can give them limited access to TimePay (e.g. Gujarat sales team member will only see Gujarat customers)



Privacy & Security

What about security of my data?

TimePay attaches great importance to the security of your data. TimePay ensures that all data communication and storage is done using globally proven & highly secure 128-bit encryption standards.

What about data privacy?

TimePay recognizes the sensitivity related to your data. Accordingly, we have a comprehensive protocol to ensure your data is safe and stays private. We are governed by TimePay Privacy Policy - which is our committment to ensure privacy of your data.


How can I automate sending of payment followups using TimePay?

We got you covered! TimePay provides you with an option to automate reminders (to be sent to all your customers or to select customers). If you are using TimePay, you should go to the section Report>All Accounts to change automation settings.

Will any changes made in accounting system reflect in Timepay?

TimePay is seamlessly integrated with Zoho & Quickbooks. Accordingly, if your team makes any new accounting entries in your accounting, such entries will automatically get reflected on TimePay as well.

Will any changes on TimePay impact my accounting system?

We recognize the importance and sensitivity of your accounting processes. Hence, as a principle, there is NO option on TimePay to edit any accounting records. So when you use TimePay, rest assured that your accounting data (e.g. as on Zoho) remains completely unaffected.

Will my teams need to do data-entry on TimePay?

TimePay integrates seamlessly with Zoho & Quickbooks. This means that TimePay serves as a CRM layer on your accounting software. Thereby, there is no need to do any data entry on TimePay. You will be able to manage your receivables on TimePay, looking at the same data that you have in your accounting software. So, you can get started with TimePay immediately and no extra effort is required on your part.


What is the pricing model?

We charge on a subscription basis. The subscription is on a yearly basis, payable in advance. Details on pricing are available on our website. Refer:

How can I get a trial?

We would be delighted to offer you a trial of TimePay. Please email us your details on


Customer Service

How will I learn to use the software?

TimePay is designed as a service to help you get paid in time. With this mission, the product i.e. TimePay has been designed to be very easy to use. Further, to help you and your team leverage TimePay to fullest, we offer product training at the time of implementation. Further, we also provide on-demand support through chat, phone and email. For any specific support requirements, please email us on

How long is the implementation process? Do I need to spend a lot of time and resources?

TimePay is designed as a very simple-to-use product. TimePay can be implemented and service commenced for your business within 24 hours of start. We provide immediate (and on-going) training support. Clients are able to make full use of TimePay within 15 days of start, and start to see benefits within a month or two. You will not need to committ a lot of resources. However, we recommend to get accounts / sales team involved, so that they can start to use TimePay. Using TimePay will save their time and enhance their productivity.


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