TimePay Setup Guide

Follow these general installation and configuration steps:


Step 1: Download TimePay Desktop Application

  • Download the zip file from here - TimePay Setup

  • Unzip the folder and put it in C drive.


Step 2: Configuration in Tally 

  • On Tally Gateway screen, Press F12

  • Go to Advanced Configuration (By pressing C)

  • Set Enable ODBC Server - Yes (press Y and enter)

  • Set Tally Acts as - Client (select and enter)

  • Set ODBC Port no - 9000 (enter number and press enter)

  • Save the settings (pressing enter till save)

  • Tally will restart if settings have changed.

Please Note: Make sure ODBC server is available, 


Step 3: Run the TimePay Desktop Application

  • From the start menu, open CMD by right clicking and selecting Run as administration.

  • In the CMD prompt, enter following commands - 

    • cd C:\TimePay\

    • timepay install

    • timepay start

  • Go to C:\TimePay folder. Right click on TimePayClient.exe & click on send to desktop to create a shortcut. On desktop, right click on the TimePay client icon and Run as Administrator

  • Let the client load. Once loaded all 4 conditions should appear in green.