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The smart solution for small businesses to get paid 

Unbelievable offer available only till 15 Aug, 2019 for small businesses. Click here to check if you meet the criteria.


Perfect for managing your receivables
across accounting, marketing and sales teams



Rs. 3,600

* Pricing for TimePay Smart for 1st year subscription, if availed till 15th August 2019

* Pricing for TimePay Smart for 1st year is being offered at 90% discount to TimePay standard (which is priced at INR 36,000 per year)

* Pricing for TimePay Smart for the 2nd year onwards will be at 75% discount to TimePay standard. Hence, the 2nd year price will be INR 9000 per year

* Prices are exclusive of Taxes. GST as applicable will be charged additionally

** Each entity loaded on Tally / Quickbooks is treated as a company irrespective of name or legal status

per company**

Seamless integration with

Tally / Quickbooks


Email / SMS / Whatsapp reminders to customers for overdue payment follow-ups


Scheduling reminders at various



Insightful Reports and



View your sales and outstanding from anywhere


Get going quickly, get paid faster with



Start your trial before 15th July 2019, and make full payment of INR 3,600 before the end of the 7 days trial period to get a discount voucher of
INR 2,000 against second year's subscription.

High growth companies love TimePay

Our Clientele involves the builders, turnkey contractors and retailers. Construction Industry has been perennially facing  poor cash flow management which leads to delay in releasing funds. To this problem, TimePay software has come to our rescue. Within just 3 months of usage, we have seen significant improvement in our average Receivable Days.  The staff is very supportive and determined to make us use the software to its optimum level.


It works! The proof is in the numbers...


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Eligible for our offer of 90% off for the first year?

Less than INR 10 crore in annual turnover

Small Business

Accounting Software is Tally or Quickbooks

Accounting Softwares

* TimePay Smart is offered only to eligible business (as evaluated by TimePay), and the special offer is subject to TimePay discretion

Timely payments for MSMEs are crucial